Five POÄNG Armchairs!

Maxwell’s Daily Find 12.20.11

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Five POÄNG Armchairs

• $495

To celebrate the kickoff tonight of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I thought I'd dig up Lisbeth Salander's favorite chair, the POÄNG, which she purchased in a set of five during her IKEA shopping spree in book two. To check out her entire IKEA shopping list, which cost her about $12,000, click here.

An IKEA classic and ubiquitous around the world, the POANG has had many incarnations and many colors. Right now, it's selling in black and white. Here are the deets:

Layer glued frame: Birch veneer, Clear acrylic lacquer
Supporting fabric: 100 % polypropylene
Webbing: 100 % polyester
Hook and loop fastener, hard part/ Zipper: 100 % nylon
Head rest: Top-grain leather, Polyurethane foam., Polyester wadding, 100 % cotton
Press stud: Galvanized steel
Leather: Dyed through full top-grain leather

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