5 Home Items for LEGO Loving Adults

5 Home Items for LEGO Loving Adults

Elizabeth Giorgi
Mar 12, 2014
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It's no secret among my friends that I have a bit of a hardcore love for LEGO. I'm not ashamed to proudly display my favorite sets, but I know having LEGO sets sitting out is not for everyone. If you're still a kid at heart, but don't want to compromise on design, here are five items adults can sport in the home without any brick shame:

1. Storage Brick ($25.59): This large brick is a stylish way to store all kinds of things, not just LEGO. I love the idea of storing shoes and things in this cute little box.

2. Build-On Brick Mug ($19.99): This coffee mug is hilarious to me, because it's completely compatible with all LEGO brick pieces, including MiniFigs. Imagine the scenarios!

3. LEGO Light Switch ($19.45): I've been in the market for new switch plates recently, and if these were a little more affordable, they'd be the definite winners.

4. Block Lamp ($260.00): This Chinese design store features one of the coolest lights I've seen in a while. Building on the idea of the blocks, these stackable lamps are super chic and architectural. (Hint: view this page in Chrome to get an English translation.)

5. LOVESac Sactionals (Starting around $2900): Often referred to as the LEGO of furniture, these modular furniture sets allow for multiple couch, sectional, chair and bench seating set-ups. It's a bit pricey, but it's a great way to get your build on at home.

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