Proudly Flying Your Nerd Flag at Home

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There's only one way to spell "nerd," but apparently there are literally hundreds of ways to show it. If the anime DVD collection, endless gaming consoles, multiple tablets and hacked iPhone doesn't say fully display your nerd cred, maybe some new decorative accessories will.

Here are five handcrafted pieces perfect for decorating any nerd's abode:

1. Bazinga Sign ($72)The designers at the Rusty Walnut took inspiration from a famous nerd named Sheldon for this one. Somehow, I can't look at this without hearing his trademark nasally burn. 

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2. Wood Nerd Sign ($24.99)Simple. Straight to the point. No confusing who lives here. Dime Store Vintage offers this sign in six different colors. 

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3. Pi Symbol ($24)Three colors. All equal 3.14159... 

4. Hashtag Chalkboard ($28)Maybe trending tweets inside of the home is taking it one step too far? Nah. 

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5. Pac Man Bots ($75)For the vintage, hipster nerd, these Pac Man blocks are delightful (but currently sold out). Snap up a single bot for $30 from Oh Dier. 

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