Five Starter Train Sets

On a recent vacation in a rental home our 2-year-old was delighted to find a train table and huge train set in one of the upstairs bedrooms (thankfully not ours or he'd have never slept). He enjoyed it so much that we've started looking into a good starter train set for him. Our criteria: wood, smallish and reasonably priced. Here are five we're considering…

1 I've Been Everywhere rail and road set at Land of Nod ($60)
2 Oval Train Set with Crossing by Nuchi ($30)
3 Figure Eight Train Set by Nuchi ($40)
4 Lillabo train set by Ikea ($21 for 3 trains, 10 rails, bridge and tunnel, playmat available for $10)
5 Multi-level train sett by Maxim ($45)

If your child is a toy train enthusiast and you have something to recommend, please chime in in the comments.

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