Flexicord: Popularizing The Slinky Effect Since Day One

Flexicord: Popularizing The Slinky Effect Since Day One

Anthony Nguyen
Jan 22, 2009

If there's one thing that bugs the heck out of us at Unplggd, it's the windy shape cables tend to warp into after being stored for long periods of time. The end result is an obnoxious bundle of wires resembling a slinky - one of the most annoying shapes to work with when trying to run wires against a wall. Still, for those out there who enjoy this peculiar effect, there's Flexicord.

The Flexicord cables are naturally shaped like a slinky, but can be reshaped when needed (which kind of defeats the whole point of having them shaped the way they are to begin with).

The cables are 10 feet standard, but can be compressed (as a slinky) to as small as 1 feet if need be.

Available are 5 different flavors of cable for your picking: USB, HDMI, ethernet RJ-45, S-Video, and composite video. We imagine the best application for this type of cable would probably be running it behind a television and keeping it off the floor. There's no street date as of yet for the cables, but feel free to contact sales to get your orders in early.

[via Technabob]

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