Flickr Find: Aline Smithson "bird"

Flickr Find: Aline Smithson "bird"

Sep 15, 2006

We're getting more flickr tags so keep them coming! This week, we're highlighting ATLA reader alinesmithson's beautiful photo entitled simply "bird." A great visual to start your weekend! Do you have something to share with us? An inspring room? a new project? a great visual you snapped?, show us! Each week, we will search out any pics you've tagged on flickr with the words "apartmenttherapyla". We'll post some of the best ones here on the front page!

Here's what we're looking for:

  • Favorite rooms (or rooms on their way to being favorites)
    Space saving solutions
  • DIY projects
  • Art and Design (your work or something you've collected)
  • New Purchases (we love bargains as well as major buys!)
  • Dinner party table setting pics (mention the occasion in the comments)
  • A collection
  • Things you see around town that inspire you to make your home beautiful, organized and healthy

Put any info you'd like us to know in the comments section of the photos, the more details the better!

Suprise and inspire us! Keep in mind: Our mission at Apartmenttherapy is to help people make their homes more beautiful, organized, and healthy. We'll be looking for photos that help us do that.

Simply upload your photos to Flickr, and
remember to tag them with: apartmenttherapyla

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