Flickr Find: Piou's House

We love a lot of color used to decorate a house. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. We had to abandon a few ideas of our own around using wallpaper and go with simple white walls. Using colorful accessories and patterns can be enough and it is a good solution for renters, since a new paint job or wallpaper can be expensive or not allowed. Piou did a wonderful job of decorating her apartment. Most of her walls are white, but the accessories, fabrics, and art bring plenty of color. She lives in France and has her own blog that unfortunately for us is in French. Check out more photos after the jump.

So many things in her apartment are gorgeous. The beautiful pillows, the amazing red sink, the anglepoise lamp, and stunning vignettes. You can check out more photos of Piou's house on Flickr. For those of you that speak French, here is a link to her blog.