Flickr Find: Comfy Chair In The Kitchen

Flickr Find: Comfy Chair In The Kitchen

Beth Zeigler
Mar 31, 2009

033109chair-02.jpgIn a post earlier this month, we mentioned how, in our last apartment, we had a comfy chair tucked in the corner of our kitchen. While unconventional, we always loved sitting there, sipping wine, while our roommate made dinner...

But when we were actually looking for a pic of this tip in action, we couldn't find an example. And then yesterday, we stumbled upon Kristy's comfy chair in the kitchen. Kristy mentioned that her kitchen was already a homey place where "the kettle's always on and there are biscuits in the cupboard." But she felt that the room needed an extra layer of coziness where one could read a magazine and have a brew. So when she spotted this Edwardian armchair at a thrift store, she snatched it up. She says that initially, her husband didn't like the idea of having a cozy chair in the kitchen (but now it's his favorite spot--that is, if he can beat the dog to it).

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[Images from Vintage Pleasure]

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