Flickr Find: Making the TV a Graphic Element

We already know how decorating around your TV can be a challenge. One of the best solutions we've discussed is to make sure that your TV takes a backstage to great furniture and decorations, even fading into the design in some cases, like this one...

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By flanking the TV on either side with tall grass artwork and hanging an equally organic and properly-sized print above, the flat screen TV in this living room becomes a very intentional part of a graphic wall-scape.

And in perfect aesthetite fashion, it's all perfectly harmonious with the furniture and accents in the room.

The room would practacally be perfect... if we didn't spot that power strip that's ever-so-messily hanging out under the left side of the TV stand. It might be time to check out the Top 10 Cord Control Solutions.

Image from mimungr at Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

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