Flickr Find: Mismatched Dining Room Tables

Flickr Find: Mismatched Dining Room Tables

Beth Zeigler
Feb 3, 2009

020309table-01.jpgWe've seen mismatched chairs pulled up to a dining room table but we've never seen two mismatched tables put together to serve as a dining room table. Even though these two tables are quite different in style, their similar size and height pull this look together. We found a few other inspirational pics of mismatched furniture in cohesive spaces after the jump.

Our favorite combo is definitely a seating bench plus a few mismatched chairs at the kitchen table.

We have this similar look going in our own home. We've found thrift store chairs that are quite different in style and painted them all a robin's egg blue.

To keep a bedroom from looking too uniform, we like the look of two contrasting side tables that are similar in height and size.

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