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Short on space but have a green thumb? A vertical garden is a simple solution to a square footage shortage. If you want to produce plenty of greenery on a balcony, a good way to go is up. Art and Chel have tagged a few photos of their homemade vertical garden structure.

"My first attempt at a vertical garden. It's about 15" in diameter and 3 feet tall. This should give a lot of growing space if it works!"

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Irrigation Tube

"A 4" pvc pipe drilled full of holes rises through the center of the grower. It is filled with a mix of sand and gravel. All the instructions I've found on this grower say to fill the pvc and then remove it. I went a step further with my method. This way the sand and gravel shouldn't shift throughout the potting soil."

We're intrigued - have any of the gardening inclined readers out there tried something similar? Let us know...

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Also from Art and Chel...a great looking (and super clever) indoor lawn, bringing a bit of green and space definition into their new kitchen.

Thanks, Art and Chel for tagging the photos of your balcony garden...they are perfect inspiration for Outdoor Home month!