Flickr Finds: Art Wallpapers on Thanksgiving Weekend!

Flickr Finds: Art Wallpapers on Thanksgiving Weekend!

Heather Blaha
Nov 27, 2007

Getting Ready: measuring the paper

Yesterday we read all about Art's first introduction to wallpapering (first comment on this post). An excerpt from his experience and more photos below!

I had my first introduction to wallpapering this weekend.

I did not think it would be easy...

First, Home Depot discontinued most of it's wallpaper supplies about 2 years ago. They basically have wallpaper glue and wallpaper remover.

Sappano's on Halsted near Diversy was my savior as they were open until 5 or 5:30 on a Saturday! They have all wallpaper supplies and super nice people working there. I've gotten so used to HD customer service that I forgot that there are still places that do actually have customer service. Sad, but I digress.

Other things I learned:

It is highly recommended to "size" the walls before wallpapering. Sizing or wallpaper primer is a thin, milky, paint type stuff that can be rolled onto a wall. This will allow the wallpaper to be easily removed down the road. It will also help to prime the wall and prevent the wallpaper paste from absorbing into the cheap paint that might already be on the wall. It will also make it easier for the wallpaper to slip which is important when matching up patterns, etc.

Use a long table. One of those foldable 6' plastic tables works great. This table is good for unrolling the paper onto for marking, cutting and pasting.

There are lots of little skills, tips, tricks etc. for installing the wallpaper. This is why most people don't have it. It could be potentially expensive with labor and waste. The greater the distance for the repeating design pattern the more the waste. Mine was almost 23".

Order enough wallpaper! I had only enough to do 3 panels! I am fortunate that the pattern is still available. Otherwise, I would have to tear off the paper I already put up and use a different pattern. I still have to expect that the new paper will most likely vary from the first roll I installed.

Living and learning!


Thanks, Art! We can't wait to see the final outcome...

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