Flickr Finds: Art and Chel's Bathroom Rehab...In Progress

Flickr Finds: Art and Chel's Bathroom Rehab...In Progress

Janel Laban
Mar 28, 2008

Since the final days of bathroom month are upon us, we wanted to take a look at a beautiful bathroom in the making - a rehab by Art and Chel. Jump below for photos and details of the challenges and successes of one huge job:

Positions of future toilet and heat mat.

Choosing Colors - Ralph Lauren's River Rock Series

Doesn't look like a simple install. Art's caption says it all..."there are easier tiles to lay".

Grout color is called Haystack.

Trying out the tub.

Recess in the tub surrond. Art says, "This was the only pipe and duct free space."

Completed Recess Detail

Almost done and looking really good. Art says, "Waiting for bamboo tub apron, touch-ups and glass. Toilet is functioning now after I realized the caps for the floor mounting screws were stuck in the space between the tank and bowl. Radiant heat is wired and running!"

Really amazing job, Art & Chel - looking forward to seeing the totally finished project! Thanks for tagging your photos with "apartmenttherapychicago".

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