Flickr Finds: Bookcase Dollhouse

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When we were kids a neighbor down the street had the Barbie Dream House (and the Corvette - don't get us started!). As much fun as it was to use (come on, the elevator was pretty cool), we had just as much fun throwing all the clothes off the shelves of our sister's closet to make our own Barbie "loft apartments." Now, if we'd just had a Bonde bookcase from Ikea like this gal...

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When we saw this bookcase dollhouse on Flickr, any residual envy we'd had over the Dreamhouse evaporated. Creator (and Blythe collector), Sarah, even installed working lights!

Best of all, when (if) your child outgrows their dollhouse, you've got a very useful bookshelf ready for action.

(Thanks, Sarah!)

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