Flickr Finds: Jess2Nola's Framed Light Switches

Flickr Finds: Jess2Nola's Framed Light Switches

Jul 29, 2008

What a cute idea! It appears that Jess2Nola used a graphic paper, a simple yellow frame, and a cork panel to add some artistry to her everyday light switches. We're not entirely sure why the cork is there (to hang notes?) but we still think it looks sweet.

More on Jess2Nola's "Bathroom Mini Cure" after the jump...

Besides the charming detail of the framed switches, Jess2Nola also recently found the ideal shower curtain at Target:

...out of nowhere the sky parted and god himself placed the most perfect black and white striped fabric shower curtain right in front of me with a price tag of $25.

For more photos of the bathroom and lots other design fodder, go check out her aptly-named blog, Black.White.Yellow.

Thanks for tagging your photos with apartmenttherapychicago, Jess2Nola!

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