Flickr Finds: FreeRangeStock's Primary Color Patio

Flickr Finds: FreeRangeStock's Primary Color Patio

Grace Shu
Jul 2, 2008
The last issue of Domino magazine featured a modern take on a garden that pulled inspiration from Mondrian's paintings: the back patio was sectioned off and painted in primary colors. When we spotted this photo of a back patio in France from FreeRangeStock's flickr, we actually thought it was an even more interesting composition of primary colors.

[ Photo from FreeRangeStock's Flickr ]

Using pots, stands, and even patio furniture and hoses, this picturesque patio flaunts a hodgepodge of greenery that works with a seemingly strict color scheme.

Check out a bigger version at FreeRangeStock's flickr.

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