Flickr Finds: Jen's Gerbera...and flower shops in Chicago

Flickr Finds: Jen's Gerbera...and flower shops in Chicago

Janel Laban
Feb 12, 2007

Jen tagged her photo of a science-lab-cool bud vase. The photo notes say that it is from I.D. and it looks like it it is secured to the wall, a nice solution for a little pick me up of color in an unexpected spot. The pink gerbera is in good company this week - everywhere we turn these days, we are confronted with pink and red blooms, and we're not complaining. AT:NY did a post on where to pick up long-lasting flowers online and we are wondering about your favorite spots for cut flowers in Chicago...

Here's our usual spots -

Our Weekly Bunch: We generally end up picking up whatever catches our eye at Whole Foods, with good results. Not always super long lasting, but convienient and good enough overall, with some outstanding finds.

When Guests are Coming: When we want something special, we head over to the Crate and Barrel on North Ave. to the floral shop on the ground floor. We have gotten fantastic, unusual blooms here. They seem to have a nice selection whenever we pop in and the quality is good.

Let us know where you shop for flowers - we can all use a bloom or two on these cold, grey days of late...

(Thanks Jen for tagging your photo with "apartmenttherapychicago"!)

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