Flickr Finds: Jennifer's Embroidered Map

Wow, do we wish we'd come across this lovely idea before Valentine's Day. Jennifer, newly married, gave her husband this gift of a handmade map depicting their travels together in thread. They intend to add to the map in a different color year to year, so that over the years of their marriage it will be an ever-changing piece of art for their home. So romantic! Find out how Jennifer did it after the jump...

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has been kind enough to share her simple instructions:

I saw thread and map postcard kits selling on Uncommon Goods and thought the idea would be super simple to make into larger art. I got my map image from here (and they got it from the free CIA maps). I played around with colors a bit (in Illustrator) and then printed it on cardstock with my inkjet. I made a list of trips that my husband and I have taken together, used Google maps to make sure I had the cities in the right places and then poked away with a large needle. For the thread, I used half the thickness of embroidery floss (3 strands). I just tied one knot on the back side, stitched from location to location and then tucked the remaining floss in the back of the frame to easily add future travels. I plan to continue charting our trips (we've been married less than a year, after all!) and I think I'll probably change floss colors next year, too.

We think it would be fun to try this with a world map, too. Happy travels!