Flickr Finds: Joel's Home Office

Flickr Finds: Joel's Home Office

Nov 9, 2007

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The beauty of a home office, is that it can fit almost anywhere. A place to plug in and a surface to work is all we really need. This allows us to play with the idea of the office, and invent new and unusual solutions, like Joel's.

Joel decided to do away with his extra sink and vanity next to his bathroom, and turn it into a home office. The vanity area makes for the perfect desk, and the adjacent closet allowed him to snake the cord through and store the computer and related equipment out of sight. A wireless keyboard and mouse make this a wire-free zone.

We like the mirror to brighten up the space, as well as the ambient lighting he's placed above the cabinets. The upper cabinets are Ikea and add more office-like storage. Thanks for sharing, Joel!

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