Flickr Finds: Olya's Kitchen Color

Flickr Finds: Olya's Kitchen Color

Heather Blaha
Oct 26, 2007

Olya's kitchen is sweet, simple, and very white. She loves her kitchen but is looking forward to more color. She says:

(This is) one of my favourite views of the kitchen. The cow looking thing is a cappuccino stove top thing, which works magic. We got it in Italy on our honeymoon for some ridiculously cheap price which included 2 wonderful mugs. I didn't like the cow spots at first and now I'm all inlove with it. Go figure!

We (as in, I) really want to paint it some color. Okay, well, *REALLY* want is me; Tim is just not against it.

I have no idea what. so far I'm the biggest fan of yellow. But it has to be a right shade, not to look dirty, or crazy.

Color suggestions for Olya and Tim?

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