Flickr Finds: Organized Workflow Or A Messy Production?

Flickr Finds: Organized Workflow Or A Messy Production?

Anthony Nguyen
Feb 20, 2009

There are times when artistic work stems from the most chaotic messes, but sometimes even the seemingly messiest types have a controlled workflow in mind to unbeknowst to those on the outside looking in. For example, Non's space features a ton of subtle ideas to keep things under control despite having a million music gadgets all over his desk.

From using CD-R spindles as speaker stands (they can also be used as bagel sandwich holders, too) to a custom monitor shelf for tucking away unused music hardware, it's the ultimate poor man's studio. Then again, this could just his way of throwing everything together, but we're going to let him have the benefit of the doubt this time around.

We found the story behind Non's desk particularly interesting:

"In 1999 (8?), I purchased a really sh*tty Wal-Mart desk (used, from the For Sale Board at school), something I dragged around for the past ten years. I hate that desk so much, but it has a shelf that allows me to

1. Have a lift for my dual monitors
2. Have a lift for my speakers (aka studio monitors)
3. Have a little space for my work laptop docking station

Other than these benefits, it's horrible. The asymmetrical design (me shoved over to the left) is a contributor to my effed-up back; there is no room underneath to put my feet up/push wires (and there are many) to the side; I barely have any counter space for gear space and am constantly shuffling things around in an attempt to reach the right buttons at the right time.

For a while, it felt alright, as if I was in a cockpit (like the ridiculous command station detective Bill Pullman had in Zero Effect). But this last year, it made me feel claustrophobic. In other words, it's a non-inspiration and gives me the butt every time I sit down to work (on anything).

Yesterday, we spent a couple of hours at IKEA, looking at various options of how to remedy my problem (though I mentally spent years trying to come up with a better set-up). I ended up going with a 68" Melltorp kitchen table, a random As-Is shelf and $10 legs to put it on (something I can move around if I want).

And now, I feel better. I have room for everything, can move around and position myself in the sweet spot of the speakers and monitors (depending on what I'm doing) and don't have to compromise with my gear setups: I don't have the jam everything together and trip on wires or hit my knee on the stupid underneath shelves of the old desk.

Oh and now I can see out the window! This does a lot for my morale.

A desk (and a good chair) really is the most important piece of gear. Let The Games...begin -- and thank you, IKEA!"

We're glad Nom finally found the perfect desk that didn't hurt his back and worked for him. Anyone out there have a good little desk story to tell? Feel free to send us an e-mail or let us know in the comments!

[Image: nonnon_non]

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