Flickr Finds: Showlola 1980's Bathroom Inspiration

Flickr Finds: Showlola 1980's Bathroom Inspiration

Heather Blaha
Mar 9, 2007

Searching our Flickr tags this morning, we found a few new photos from Showlola 1980's new Oak Park apartment. Still untouched, unpainted, and unfurnished, we checked out her bathrooom images and wondered what she might do with that loo. Clicking around some more, we found that Showlola 1980 has grabbed several photos for color and design inspiration, including some stuff from AT: (That's Gregory's bathroom above!):

"An entry from last year's smallest, coolest contest, I *love* this and I want to do something really similar in our bathroom. I'll probably have to go with a different shade of blue to match our tiles, even though I love, LOVE this shade."

Showlola 1980's empty bathroom canvas:

Good luck, and be sure to let us know how your bathroom turns out!

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