Flickr Finds: Solaana's Bedroom Eyes

Flickr Finds: Solaana's Bedroom Eyes

Heather Blaha
Nov 16, 2007

Look what just popped up in Flickr (tagged with "apartmenttherapychicago" of course)...Solaana's set of bedroom eyes pillowcases. We just featured the pillowcase sets in a Hot or Not - with a lot of opinions about both the designs themselves and UO in general.

We have to say that the eyes tied with the guitar and amp as our least favorite design; but seeing the green eyes alongside the fabulous green walls in Solaana's place is wonderfully lighthearted, and we think she's got guts for going for it!

See an earlier post on Solaana's bedroom here (before the eyes came into the picture).

(Thanks, Solaana!)

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