Flickr Finds: Tile Doormat

Flickr Finds: Tile Doormat

Janel Laban
Nov 1, 2007

The nicest "doormat" we've seen lately. Last month, we posted photos from James' Fixer Upper and today we came across a another unique detail done by the homeowners as part of their renovation...

...a "tile doormat" in their entryway.

Here is what James has to say about the project:

"A detail look at our tile inlay by the front door. I confess that as a rank amateur I am especially proud of this. The idea of combining these tiles in this pattern came to me out of the blue while browsing Tile Outlet with my wife and kids. My idea was to make a sort of a schematic "door mat" by framing a traditional mosaic field with metal tiles.

I think that the metallic tiles really make this space work, though it was quite an ordeal getting them. Although several local tile stores had metallic tiles on display (various brands, styles, etc.) none of them actually had anything in stock. And of course they didn't warn us how long it would take to order them.

Also, to give you a rough idea of the cost differential, if the large tiles cost $X per unit-space, the mosaic tiles cost $2X and the metal tiles cost $10X. Oooof! "

Thanks to James for the closeup look at this (really nicely done!) tile feature.

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