Flickr Finds: Two Painted Cribs

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Color inspiration! Why settle for a crib that's just white, blonde or espresso when you can punch it up with paint? We found two people on Flickr who did just that.

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This beaded crib has some history. Now owned by Mikas, mother of Atlas Mars, it was once her friend's crib as a baby and then later used by his grandchild. The crib has served several babies well, but Mikas thought it was time for a face lift and decided to use bright paint to liven it up. Even though her cat has been using it more than her son, we're sure the crib is the highlight of his room.

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This crib just makes you feel good, doesn't it? Timothy's friends Roger and Lori were expecting a child and decided to do something unexpected with their crib by painting it a rainbow of colors. Roger Sommer did the painting and Timothy State couldn't help but snap some photos of this unique, colorful crib.

We don't know about you, but all this painting is giving us some ideas!

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