Flickr Finds: Veronica's Wall Art

Flickr Finds: Veronica's Wall Art

Heather Blaha
Feb 23, 2007

Lots of great stuff has been popping up in Flickr with our name (apartmenttherapychicago) written all over it. Check out this office wall art created by Veronica von Fantastique.

She writes: I guess it's my ocd-ness but I've always been super good at designing patterns. I literally have a collection of 50 or more I've made for fun, various projects at work, etc, over the past few years...

These are mostly based on vintage textiles, and I printed out a bunch and added them to this cool frame my boss gave me from Chiasso (which was free since one of the glass pieces got broken during shipping, yay)!

Keep the photos and thoughts coming...we love seeing what you're up to. Upload your pics to Flickr and tag 'em with our name, or email us directly.

On that note, any more bedrooms to show off before February's bedroom theme comes to an end??

(Thanks, Veronica!)

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