The Thrift Store Decor Group

Flickr Inspiration

It's a gift that the exceptional thrift store shopper possesses. The gift to turn random finds for mere dollars into a homey environment oozing with charm and creativity. It's pretty easy to show up at the Salvation army armed with a shopping cart and a wad of cash, but these Flickr friends have managed to master the art of turning thrift store finds into fabulous decor.A lot of what you find in the Flickr group Thrift Store Decor is pretty quirky, but it's definitely a treasure trove of inspiration to get you out of the big box stores and into the murky depths of the thrift store. It's quite a source of inspiration, and we think you should check it out!

Images: Trisha Brink Design, Hilda Grahnat, Chrys Art, all used with permission