Flip Chairs by Daisuke Motogi

The Flip Chair series by Daisuke Motogi Architecture was presented this year at Designtide Tokyo. What we love about them are their versatility, clean lines, and the bright, vibrant colors.

The Flip chair series features three different styles: a rocker/armchair, a chair/stool, and a high-backed chair/low chair. The seats are sized for adults, but because they are made from urethane, they are light enough for a child to flip on his or her own. We love that the aesthetic is playful enough for a child's room, but roomy enough to accomodate an adult. After all, we need a place to sit in our kids' rooms, too, don't we?

Watch the designer himself demonstrate the concept:

Flip series #3 Daisuke Motogi × sixinch JAPAN from Daisuke Motogi on Vimeo.

Although these chairs were made for sixinch Japan, they don't seem to be currently for sale on the site. But we're looking forward to seeing them on the market soon!

(Via Design Milk. Images: Patrick Hauri)

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