Flooring Fix for Sublet Rental?

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Q: I have terrible floors in this apartment that I am subletting. Now, I am subletting for 2 years, but I am very far down on the chain of people who make decisions about this space. Therefore, I cannot paint these floors or rip them out, nor do I want to invest much money in someone else's property. The owners think it's perfect as-is.

So, how might I best cover this? I have an area rug in the main space, and a few little accent rugs under furnishings, but I would love to make this peeling fake parquet totally disappear from sight. Even if I could think of something to surround/layer under my big rug, around the perimeter, that would be great. My rug is a beautiful floral pattern, so it sort of limits the appearance of anything I'd put down around it. Would painted canvases end up as pricey as rugs, and would they scoot around?

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