Nov 26, 2007

We used the free Ikea kitchen planner when renovating our kitchen and we found it to be a useful tool in visualizing how the space would ultimately look, especially the 3D walkthroughs. While it was far from perfect, the fact that it was free was a nice thing when you are going to be spending the amount of money that kitchen renovations usually cost.

If you are in the middle of renovating the rest of your house, or even just updating the floorplan of a room, flooplanner.com can help you design and visualize your new space for free....as long as you aren't relying on the 3d walkthrough.

Admittedly, we have not yet used this planner, but playing with it for a few minutes showed it to be intuitive to use. In order to use the 3d feature, you do have to upgrade to the Plus or Pro version for $30.50 a year. At $79.95, Live Interior 3D looks like it might be a better option.

-via Buzzfeed

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