Floral Sputnik Chandeliers

Everyone knows the classic sputnik style chandelier - it evokes all of the whiz bang future-friendliness of the fifties and sixties, wrapped up and hanging from your ceiling, lighting the way to a brighter tomorrow. We just noticed that Nate Berkus used a decidedly more frilly and feminine version in a bedroom...

...that is featured in this months Elle Decor. We've seen this style of sputnik before and have always liked them, but it looks especially inviting in this room, in combination with the glorious DeGournay wallpaper - just the right vintage touch keeping things from being too traditional.

The photo put us on the hunt for more. We did a quick search and turned up a few examples (including the much more relaxed, but still related modern IKEA version) but would love to know more about the origins and availability of these. The one Nate chose is described in Elle Decor only as being "1960s Italian" so we don't know if there is an official name for this style - do you? Links, info and sources are welcome in the comments...

(Images: Roger Davies/Elle Decor, Center 44, Adesso, IKEA)

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