Flower Box Awards: Esther's Wall of Pots

Flower Box Awards: Esther's Wall of Pots

Jul 6, 2007

Reporter: Esther
Owner: Unknown
Location: Israel

In Esther's words:

I was in Israel last month, and I saw this wall of flower pots in a little village called Zichron Yaakov, which is in the Carmel mountain range. It's a small village that is home to many artists, and this particular wall was along a road that led to a small ceramics studio. I always find it so amazing what they manage to get to grow in such a hot dry climate! Hope you enjoy!

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Dear Esther,

Thank you for submitting these pictures of an incredible, sun-drenched wall. The flowers hanging like birds perched on a wire, although obviously hung with great care, have a great untamed look to them. Could this be a vertical community garden or the work of one person? It all comes together to create a beautiful effect. This would be incredible to discover after turning a corner. Our favorite detail is that there a[ears to be one pot that is not suspended, but perched up on a ledge.

We have a little gift in the mail to you: a pot from Ecoforms and seed packets from SelectSeeds.com to help make your garden grow. Enjoy!

matt at apartmenttherapy dot com

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