FlyKly Electric Bicycle

Maxwell’s Daily Find 09.14.11

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FlyKly Electric Bicycle

• $1,900

I've seen a few of these popping up on the streets in New York and had to find out more.

Launched just a few months ago by Niko Klansek, FlyKly bikes are 100% electric, powered by the highest standard Lithium Ion battery, require no license, go 40 miles on a charge and can be parked anywhere a bike can. The idea here seems to be to do one thing VERY WELL (they are billed as the best electric bikes of their kind), so if you're looking for a totally eco-friendly, but powered transportation alternative, these guys are aiming to be it. The price is a bit high in my opinion, but with early technology like this, I can only hope that it drops over time (all tax and shipping are included in the price above, however). These would be irresistible if they were half the price. Oh, and there's a 15 day free trial so don't have to worry if you don't like it.

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