Mobiles by Wallter

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The best items in a nursery are the ones that will last. What we love about Wallter's new mobiles is how easily they will find a striking spot elsewhere in your home when your baby has outgrown them. Wallter (formerly Fold Bedding) is a family company run by Max and Linda Geiser, parents of young sons, Adam and Owen. They believe in not just great design, but great sustainable design and look for ways to make their products eco-conscious at every turn.

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The mobiles are built to last as they're made of steel which was chosen both for its durability over time and for its recyclable content and future recyclability. The mobiles are made entirely of domestic products and are manufactured and assembled locally in the Bay Area in an effort to support the local economy and eliminate the carbon expenditure that outsourcing entails. "Whatever steps in producing we can't do in our own studio, we have done within a two mile radius."

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The mobiles come in five designs - butterfly, palm, hex, teardrop and saucer - and each design is available in five color combinations. They range in price from $70 to $120 and will serve your family well for generations if you like.

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Wallter also makes bedding and wall decorations (many geared toward kids) so be sure to check them out when you visit the website.

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