Dex Folding Changing Pad

Dex Folding Changing Pad

Sep 20, 2006

There are different schools of thought about diaper changing stations. Some folks find them a key item in the nursery. Others eschew them, saying that they take up unnecessary space.

We're in both camps. The table is easier on our backs, but the floor is the best option when the baby's in a particularly squirmy mood and elevation seems dangerous.

If you're skipping a diaper table, it's helpful to have a pad that you can easily produce to make whatever surface you're using into a safe, cushy one. You can roll out the thin vinyl pads that come with most diaper changing bags, but for true baby cushiness, unfold Dex's thick, contoured pad and place it wherever works. The underside is coated with a non-skid rubber, to keep it in place.

The Dex pad is designed for changes on the go, and we can easily imagine keeping one in the car, but we think the best use is at home, stashed underneath the crib, waiting for baby bottom deployment.

$30 here.

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