Folk Touches in Modern Life

Folk Touches in Modern Life

Laure Joliet
Dec 30, 2010

This year we became enamored with the idea of folk touches in modern interiors: inspired by the Ace Hotel's giant macrame sculpture in the lobby, we're loving a return to texture, to imperfection, a nod to the 70's, a little bit arts and crafts, a touch of shaker and a bit of our parents hippie roots all rolled into one.

Top Row
1. Old Fashioned Quilts in Modern Homes: This image from Design Sponge was one of our original influences and won us over to marrying modern with handmade without anything getting crazy.
2. Modern Macrame: 2010 saw an inlfux of macrame retooled to be modern and structured instead of loose and flowing like the 70's.
3. Navajo Rugs and Blankets: along with turquoise jewelry in fashion brings texture and warmth to spare rooms. Though they're pricey in shops, you can still find them cheaper on ebay and at flea markets.
4. Florals: This Graham and Brown wallpaper is a little bit Arts and Crafts and a little bit Art Nouveau, and just whimisical enough to count as folk-y. It's a great contrast to the modern furniture and tons of white.
5. Folk-Tastic Fairytale Decor in the form of a great tea towel from Thomas Paul.

Second Row
1. 70's Folk as inspired by Tracy Wilkinson's Spread in At Your Leisure (and shot by yours truly. Her home was warm, modern, full of texture and whimsy but still grown up and sophisticated. This was probably my bggest inspiration of the year. Almost everything was thrifted locally. Tracy has great style.
2. Shaker Style: lots of inspiration from Maxwell's vacation staying in a shaker home.
3. High End Hippie Chic in the form of some pricey but gorgeous pieces from French company Roche Bobois.
4. Collections: Karen's collection of old spice and pepper grinders are beautiful grouped together. We love the wood, the history and the cranks!
5. Pottery and Ceramics in earth tones and contrasting textures. It's a nice break from the one color shiny ceramic from the 60's we'd been seeing a lot of. Love Morgan's finds on The Brick House.

Third Row
1. Erin and Chris's Fishtown Fixer Upper: We loved the spare white walls, the mixing of patterns in the fabrics of their bed and rugs and all the texture in the woods they salvaged and made furniture out of.
2. Anatomy of Folklore and other Folk Themed Art.
3. Rugs as Art: This vintage Kilim graces the wall of Morgan's uber modern bedroom.
4. Hodge Podged Artwork: instead of a traditional salon style hanging, we love this version of a mix and match artwork display that's easily changed up. Maybe it's the orange or the little bit of chaos, but this felt folk inspired to us.
5. Cable Knit Bedding: full of texture but in modern color blocks, these bring warmth to a bed without making it fussy or shabby chic.

Fourth Row
1. Shaker Style Part Two: Maxwell's Trip to Shaker Country provided way too much inspiration. Simple interiors, hand tooled wood furniture, a focus on community. We love it.
2. Knit Knacks for the Home: AT's trend prediction for 2010 involved lots and lots of knitting including these great pendants from Melanie Porter.
3. Wicker: These peacock chairs remind us of Joni Mitchel and Laurel Canyon in the 60's and seventies.
4. Ace Hotel Palm Springs: This hotel has been a huge influence. Marrying Easy Rider Era decor with desert nomad chic, macrame and photo booths, sofas recovered in army tent fabric and a really good restaurant, the design team at Commune has set the bar high for what's next.
5. Whimsy/Animals/Macrame: These macrame owls from Tamara Maynes are sweet, beautiful, retro and modern all at once. Plus they're inspired by the craft shop her mother owned in the 70's called Country Road Craft Supplies and named after her musical love of the time, Mr John Denver.

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