Follow up! Reader tip: Moving company

Follow up! Reader tip: Moving company

Sep 11, 2006

"About a month ago I asked ATLA readers to recommend a moving company. A few people recommended Delancey Street Movers. I used them to move yesterday and it was efficient and pain free. I would definitely recommend them to my friends in the future. I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for posting my question because I never would have known about the company without ATLA reader input. Keep up the great work!"--SARAH

To read more about Delancey Street Movers please visit the original post that Sarah asked us about. Here is also more information about The Delancey Street Foundation.

*We don't officially recommend services here at AT for legal reasons, but reader recommends are always welcome. As with anything, we encourage our readers to be informed and careful with all service providers. - The AT Team


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