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We've been sworn to super secrecy, yet very excited for weeks now over the launch of the new Etsy pages feature. Apartment Therapy, along with a handful of other (amazing!) tastemakers (SwissMiss, Tom Dixon, West Elm and RISD to namedrop just a few) was invited to be a launch partner for this brand new feature launch. We hope our page becomes your favorite way to find the very best of Etsy for your home, all in one simple, design-loving spot!

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Etsy explains it best:

To launch Pages, we’ve hand-selected brands and bloggers who celebrate Etsy’s items and makers, and boast strong editorial chops when it comes to curating for their audiences. With a mix of perspectives — from home decor, kids, weddings and more — and a global spread, we’re excited to kick off Pages with such a talented group! As they grow their following on Etsy, the partners will also help spread awareness of our unique marketplace by using Pages’ tools to post their curation to their own communities. And we’re excited to continue to add new Pages in the coming months.

Our team had so much fun creating our initial 12 lists and adding items to them - from coming up with the concepts to adding items, it was all more like an afternoon off, happily window-shopping, than work. The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use - the joy in finding just the perfect item to add to round out a collection a bit addictive. There is even a widget that makes it practically one-click for us to share our lists with you in posts on the blog. Here is an example, of our Trends: Honeycomb list:

Check out our full page here, along with all of our current favorite curated lists::

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While starting your own pages is still invite-only, we hope you'll join in on the fun now by following us, and by sending us your suggestions for great Etsy shops for us to follow and consider for our curated lists.