Themed art can easily be cheesy, but when done right it's pretty charming. Here are 10 examples of the latter for the kitchen, and, hey, a few of these prints include conversions and recipes — meaning they're useful too!

1. Kitchen Happiness by ReStyle, $21
2. Kitchen Drawings (originals), Milk Farm Road, $125
3. Kitchen Conversions by Sweet Fine Day, $28
4. Le Chef by Anek, $45
5. Strawberries No 2 by Lucille's Kitchen, $38

6. Set of Four 5x7 Kitchen Art Prints of Family Recipes with Handlettering by Articipe, $25
7. Homemade Pie by Sweet Fine Day, $18
8. Fresh Eggs by Carl Christensen, $30
9. Keep Canning by Old School Stationers, $42
10. Diner Sign by Shannon Blue Photography, $28

(Images: as linked)