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It's hot!. Time for more ice cream.

Earlier this week I introduced a very mint-y ice cream we made last weekend (recipe here and more recipes at Donvier.com), when I realized I had a mint plant that needed a severe trimming. This is how many garden-based recipes come to life. It's a matter of what you have, and especially what you have too much of (You can also use your local market - go organic!):

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In early summer, look for:
  • mint
  • strawberries

In middle summer, look for:

  • basil
  • lemon verbena

In late summer, find some:

  • peaches
  • bluberries

You also need an ice cream maker! For small batches that you can recruit others to help with, I like the Donvier. It's small, the canister can be stored in the freezer for last-minute batches, and it's off-the-grid (silent, no motor.)

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For larger batches, I like the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker which we recently received as a wedding gift. It's a little more involved (you need rock salt and tons of ice) and has a motor, so is best made ahead of time in the kitchen.

Making ice cream at home is easy, and once you have the right equipment and an understanding of how the techniques work, you'll be ready to deliver the good stuff on a regular basis. skgr