Food Label Ideas for Easier Entertaining

When throwing a party or potluck, it's really invaluable to have the dishes labeled. That way your time isn't spent glued to the food table, telling people what kind of casserole that is over and over again like a broken record.

With the rise of food allergies and dietary restrictions, having a basic ingredients free list (i.e. gluten free, nut free) wouldn't be the worst idea either. Let's look at some inspiring DIY labels to take your food table to the next level.

Pictured above:

  1. Chalkboard Buffet Labels from Momtastic.
  2. Paper Office Clip Labels by Lucy Inspired.
  3. Washi Tape Tags from Bugs and Fishes.
  4. Printable Food Label Tents by Mermaid Party.
  5. Bent Fork Stands by Smarty Had a Party.

(Image credits: Momtastic; Lucy Inspired; Bugs and Fishes; Mermaid Party Food Labels; Smarty Had a Party)