I grew up in a (farm)house where our cats lived in the barn and our dog lived outside. Nevermind birds! Cut to my freshman year in college and I was visiting my then-boyfriend's family in his hometown. His parents had a pet parrot and he somehow got out of his birdcage when I was at their home alone. Let's just say he left "evidence" all over the house. I was horrified. It's a memory I'll always laugh at from a distance of many years, and to this day I find birds at home a quirky, happy sight. Here are some birds - as pets or motifs - at home in Apartment Therapy house tours:

1) Christopher's Fine and Feathery Nest
2) Yoshihiro's Bird Roost Bungalow
3) Harriet's Nature Inspired, Designer High Rise
4) Jessica & Jonathan's 'Like-Eich' Ranch
5) Tolly's Peaceful Home and Adventurous Backyard
6) Alarick & Kristine's Power Pop Flat
7) Paul's Perfectly Suited Studio
8) Greg & Grey's Studio Loft
9) Plug-In House by Pierluigi Molteni
10) Kathleen & Maurizio's Imported Italian Home

(Images: as linked above)