For the Rich Couch Potato: Athena Multimedia Sofa

For the Rich Couch Potato: Athena Multimedia Sofa

Gregory Han
Feb 5, 2009

$15,436. That's how much it will set you back to enjoy the multimedia experience of the Athena Multimedia Sofa by Artanova of Switzerland. No doubt, it's a nice looking modern couch, but ouch, $15k+ for a couch with multimedia/room controls and integrated PC is a tad steep when you can get a high end couch and a fully loaded laptop that could do everything the Athena can do, but only better...


We prefer the non-multimedia Athena, also shown above, which comes with a slightly different form and sans the 100 watt digital amplifier, an integrated computer, an iPod/iPhone dock, MP3 player with 2.4 Ghz wireless connection, an 8 inch subwoofer and series of loudspeakers and even a waterproof finish just in case you want to host movie night under the stars.

[via New Launches]

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