For Thrill-Seeking Boys & Girls: Mini Roller Coaster

Last week I took my friend's very active 2-year-old son to gymnastics class. After he exhausted hanging on bars, running and jumping on the trampoline, and jumping in the foam pit, we came across a baby roller coaster pushed off to the side. We had 15 minutes to spare as we waited for his older sister to finish her class; therefore, we spent the remaining time testing out the mini thrill ride.

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We think we found the almost perfect toddler toy that can entertain kids for extended periods of time. I watched as this little boy quickly discovered how to push the car up to the top of the ramp for ride #2, 3, 4, etc. The 5-second roller coaster ride never seemed to get old.

The children's roller coaster toy is a little pricer than I would usually prefer to spend on a children's toy. However, the smile and pure excitement on my friend's son's face has convinced me that a special birthday gift is in store.

Younger kids can start with the Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster ($120) and later upgrade to the Step 2 Extreme Coaster ($260).

(Images: K-Mart, Buzzillions)

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