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Is your family hearing that traveling music? Ready to check out a new hometown, but not sure where to go? Forbes has come out with a list of small cities across the country it considers the best to raise a family in based on low costs, high home ownership, short commutes, solid incomes and education prospects. Wondering which cities rose to the top?

Here's their list; note how many of their top choices are in the Midwest. For a fuller explanation of why Forbes thinks these cities are great, check out the full article.

1. Dubuque, IA
2. Manitowoc, WI
3. Marquette, MI
4. Midland, MI
5. Marshfield, WI
6. Stevens Point, WI
7. Casper, WY
8. Quincy, IL
9. Helena, MT
10. Columbus, IN

(Image: Megan Lee Designs - check out her full line of Midwest Is Best items here).