Force Yourself to Practice "Mindful Browsing"

Considering I've often been told by friends and acquaintances Apartment Therapy can sometimes be the cause of online addiction ("just one more house tour!"), and not that I would normally tell anyone to visit our site less, sometimes those of us with an addictive nature may need a little help not visiting time-sucking sites during hours marked for productivity. Mindful Browsing, a Safari browser extension, can block, warn, and encourage you to remember there's work to be done...

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Once the free Safari browser extension Mindful Browsing is installed, users can mark which sites offer high probability of time wasting temptation. Then each time you visit, you're greeted with a warning, alongside a countdown timer, which then allows you to visit the site after a "wait and consider" period. You can also permit yourself access without hindrance temporarily (for end of the day browsing), alongside unblock any site you now deem "safe for work".