(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

In the comment thread on today's How to Bounce Back Quickly From Design and DIY Project Failures post, one of our smart, been-there-done-that community members laid down some serious life and home advice worth reading and re-reading!

Keep the advice coming, Khat:

...May I be so bold as to add one (I'm older than dirt and have done a bit of DIY, and life): don't let the fear that you *might* mess up keep you from doing something. Be it a DIY project, changing jobs, committing to a relationship (or uncommitting), packing up and moving around the world or painting the living room fuchsia — sometimes you've just got to take a deep breath, say f**k it and take the leap with nothing more than a bit of faith that it'll work out. Fear will keep you stuck with Builder's Beige your whole life if you let it. [Ditto the fear of what other people might say — it's your life (and living room), not theirs.]

Don't let yourself be stuck with Builder's Beige! In any part of your life. Thank you Khat. Such great words of wisdom.

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