Forget Your Keys on Purpose: Automatic Wireless Locks for Everything

I've been recently driving a car with an added feature I've grown to love: a remote keyless system. I can leave the near field communication equipped key fob in my bag all the time. And you know what? It's uncomplicated and amazing. If only everything in life could be keyless, right?

It turns out we're almost there. Whether it's a bike, storage unit, or even the front door that needs to be locked, somebody, somewhere has invented a high-tech wireless latch to lock it down.

For Your Bike
Instead of a key, why not a phone? Connected urban bikers can switch out their usual bike lock for BitLock, a Bluetooth-connected bike lock that syncs to its owner's phone. When the connected iPhone or Android smartphone is within a three-foot radius, the BitLock "unlocks" and allows bike access with just the push of a button. It also keeps track of the bike's location via GPS through a companion phone app. Support it now (like, right now) on Kickstarter with a $99 investment to get BitLock when it ships in July 2014.

For Your Stuff
Combination locks are keyless already, but still Master Lock found a way to give the trusty school lock a hi-tech makeover. The Master DialSpeed is an electronic padlock with a sleek LED display, plus a USB drive that syncs up with an app where you can manage your combinations, passwords and master code. The DialSpeed also lets you program up to three guest codes, if you need to share a storage space with a friend or neighbor. ($15.99,

For Your Home
For the ultimate keyless lifestyle, equip the entry with the Goji Smart Lock, a smartphone-enabled home lock and security system. Funded on Indiegogo, the Goji Smart Lock uses WiFi, low-level Bluetooth and bank-level encryption to protect homeowners and their things and offer up tons of high-tech features: Grant permanent or temporary access to friends, neighbors or the cable guy with the Goji Smart Lock app, and when the authorized user walks up and unlocks the door, Goji snaps a photo of them and sends it out to the master app. ($245,

(Image credits: Goji; BitLock/Kickstarter; Master Lock)