Fork Tines as Place Card Holder

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If you're using place cards at your dinner table this holiday, maybe consider using something that's already on the table as a holder: the tines of each setting's fork. I found this idea when planning for my wedding and put it right to use as it reduces clutter at the table and can save a lot of time and money for more important elements of your party...

When I realized the economy embodied in this idea, I felt a little silly for having considered anything else: putting a cork with a slit in it at each setting, tying each card to a piece of fruit, or buying an off-the-shelf "place card holder", never to be used again.

With the fork tine idea, cards are placed as if you pranced around the table effortlessly tucking each card into place with a skip in your step and a laugh in your heart. I guess what I'm trying to say is the fork idea is not trying too hard, but it does the job with spare elegance. Photo: Peggy Bair

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