Found: Wall Mounted Ceiling Fans

One of the common problems many of our readers have is the love/hate relationship with ceiling fans. Even if you have ceilings high enough for them, they aren't always at the top of the attractive list (although some are!). If you still need a breeze but aren't willing to sacrifice your lighting style for it, try a Wall Mounted Fan...

Even if you enjoy the cool breeze that a ceiling fan provides, it can be hard to give up other (usually more stylish) lighting options, just so you can have a breeze. To get around this, try considering an industrial wall mount fan.

They are usually found cooling those who work in more laborious positions, but there's no reason why they can't be used in your own home. Not only are they positionable, but they do a great job of keeping an entire rooms worth of air moving, without being too forceful. You can even install them on a swinging arm and allow yourself the ability to swing it around a corner to use in another room.

Their only downfall is that there's usually an extra shipping charge if sent to a residence instead of business. So if you are able to receive mail at work, this is a great time to do so and eliminate the extra price tag.

Here's some of our favorites that we featured above:
20" Wall Mount Commercial Fan: for $187 at Barn Light Electric
24" and 30" Wall Mount Commercial Fan: for $229-$264 at Barn Light Electric
24" Wall Mount Industrial Fan: for $249 at Barn Light Electric
Old Havana Wall Mount Fan in Pewter: for $571.20 from CSN Ceiling Fans
Industrial Dock Arm: for $99 at Northern Light & Equipment

(Images: Barn Light Electric, Northern Tool & Equipment, CSN Ceiling Fans)

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